Change of Tenancy (COT)

Change of Tenancy (COT)

We want to make the change of tenancy process is as seamless as possible for you, which is why we have listed below all the information we need to update our records, ensuring you're only charged for the time you are responsible for the property. Please provide us with....


One of the following:


  • Confirmation from the landlord or brewery (Tenancy Agreement)

  • Confirmation from the solicitor handling the move

  • Copy of the mortgage completion letter (if property bought)

  • Together with:

  • Photo I.D (copy)

  • Moving in date

  • Contact name

  • Contact number

  • Opening meter reading(s)


Tel: 01772 395 770


If your business property is moving premises but you don't want to loose your agreed rates, advise us of your forwarding address and we'll see what offers we have available for you.

Let us know by:


Tel: 01772 395 770

To ensure your final bill is accurate, please ensure you take a meter reading on the day you leave the property. You will also need to provide us with the following:

  • Account Number
  • Company address
  • Moving out date
  • MPAN(s)/MPRN(s)
  • Final Meter Readings(s)
  • Reason for the change of tenancy / occupancy
  • Forwarding address
  • Contact number

Please ensure you send us the above information as quickly as possible, so we in turn can amend our records as quickly as possible.