Moving home?

Moving home?

Please let us know on the day of your move out or after that you have moved out of your property. Regrettably, we cannot process your move out until you have ceased responsibility for the property.

Please be aware that failure to provide meter readings when you move out, will mean that we will produce your energy bill to an estimated read.

When you move out

On the day of your move out, or in the days after you have left your home, contact us using the form on the contact us page.

We'll just need to know:

  • Your moving date
  • Your new address (so we can forward your final bill)
  • A meter reading on the date you move out (to make sure that you only pay for the energy you have used)

If you pay by Direct Debit, your final balance will be collected from your bank account 14 days after the issue of your final bill. We strongly recommend that you do not cancel your Direct Debit so as to avoid late payment charges.

Once you're moved in to your new property

If you would like PFP Energy to supply energy to your new address, please start a new switch through