Prepayment meters

Prepayment meters

We send you an annual statement to show you how much gas and electricity you have used over the year and how much you have paid.

If you've moved into a property and we are yet to provide you with a key or card to top up your meter, it is important that you contact us. If you don't contact us as soon as you have moved into the new property then you could use the incorrect key or card to top up your meter, causing you to pay someone else’s debt. 

If your card isn’t working then please refer to our guide on Error Messages for Gas and Electricity meters as this could help resolve your issues. If you cannot locate the issue within the guide then get in touch and we will be happy to help you.

When your credit is running low, you will need to visit your nearest PayPoint, Post Office or Payzone to put money on your key or card. 

When you top up your meter you are covering the costs of the following items:

  • Any outstanding debt that you have on the account
  • Energy that you are currently using
  • Standing charge that is applied to your meter
  • Repayment of any emergency credit that has been used

The majority of the cost will cover your energy use, however you must consider the other costs when topping up.

If you lose your key or card, please call us on 01772 395777 as soon as possible and we will arrange for a new one as quickly as we can. We may even be able to arrange for you to collect the new key or card from a local outlet.

Please note: Any new key or card may require you to top up by at least £1.00 to activate it, don’t worry, this £1.00 will be applied to your account, and if you repeatedly lose your payment device, there may be a small admin charge levied for a new one.

We are required to send a meter reader round to your property to carry out a check on your meter. This ensures it meets our safety standards and it is working correctly.

As soon as you move in, contact us with your name and moving in date and we will set up an account for you.

During the setup process we will send you out a new key and card which should be used moving forward, failing this, we may ask you to collect a key from your local outlet.

If the previous occupier has left their key or card in the meter we recommend getting rid of it or putting it somewhere where it can't get confused with our key or card, If you don’t use the key that we provided at the start of your supply, you may find that you begin to repay debt built up by somebody else.


The standing charges on your energy bill cover the fixed costs of providing your home with both gas and electricity (each will have its own standing charge). These costs include the price of keeping your home connected to the energy network, carrying out meter readings, maintenance and other related charges.


If you want to change to a credit meter we would need to complete a credit check.

If this is successful, you can pay to have your meter changed. Charges vary by region so please contact us if you would like further information.