Due to the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) situation across the UK, we are asking customers to self-serve where possible. All general meter reads and payments can be carried out via our 24/7 automated payments lines. Further to this, we have web chat and e-mail channels available if you require more assistance. If your query is urgent and you need to contact us by phone please bear with us, our call centre staff are experiencing a high number of calls and are working to prioritise vulnerable customers. You can find more information here.

Welcome to PFP Energy

We’re excited to have acquired Better Energy’s customer portfolio and would like to start by welcoming you to PFP Energy.

About the process

We are delighted to welcome you to PFP Energy, a UK based energy supplier in Preston who work hard to keep energy fair and simple. We know that you may have a few questions so we’ve put lots of useful information on this page for domestic customers. The name of your tariff will change, however, the terms of your tariff will remain the same – including tariff prices, which in some circumstances may even reduce.

Domestic customers


You may have questions about whether anything will change due to the acquisition. Don’t worry as everything will continue as normal. We’ve created a list of frequently asked questions for any queries you may have.

Have more questions?

Priority Services Register

The Priority Services Register provides a range of services to help you manage your energy account if you require extra help and support. If you are already registered on the Priority Services Register with Better Energy, we seek to ensure this information is updated on your account. If you’d like to join the Priority Services Register please get in touch.

More information on the Priority Services Register, and the types of additional support customers can access, can be found on our Priority Services Register Statement

Terms and Conditions

Your Terms and Conditions will remain the same as when you signed for your tariff. You can find your Terms and Conditions by clicking below.

About the process

We have written a detailed article about who we are, what will happen to your supply and more so that you can find all the information you’d need relating to the acquisition. You can read the article by clicking below.

Creating your online account

Our online account has some great features that you can use to monitor and save on your energy. All you need to create your online account is the account number that you can find within your welcome pack. Once you have that to hand, click below to get started.

Social media updates

If you have Facebook or Twitter, why not follow us? We provide our best energy saving tips, updates about the company and much more on our channels. You can also easily get in touch with us through a Direct Message on these platforms.

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