Due to the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) situation across the UK, we are asking customers to self-serve where possible. All general business payments can be carried out via our 24/7 automated payments line. Further to this, we have web chat and e-mail channels available if you require more assistance. If your query is urgent and you need to contact us by phone please bear with us, our call centre staff are experiencing a high number of calls and are working to prioritise vulnerable customers. You can find more information here.

New website launch and features

Company Updates
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Direct sign up £100 incentive

Third Party Intermediaries (TPIs) are often used in the business energy environment for a variety of reasons. You can click here to read our guide to understand more about them. Although we use TPIs, we would love our customers to sign up with us directly. We will be offering all new customers a £100 incentive for doing this so please get in touch to claim yours.

Help and Support FAQs

FAQs are a quick way for us to be able to answer the majority of your queries. We have sections such as My Account and meter reads which have a range of associated FAQs. If you are unsure where your query would fall, try using the keyword search to find it. For example, if you need help understanding why you have been sent an estimated bill search for ‘estimated bill’.

If you have looked through the FAQs and cannot find what you need, you can use the contact us form or Webchat to ask about a query.

Jargon explainer

We know that some of the terms used in our industry can be confusing so we’ve added a jargon explainer to help you to understand. This section is filled with common phrases and acronyms that you may come across in your usage, billing and other areas that could be difficult to understand. We’ve made it easy to locate what you’re looking for by having a search bar but if you can’t find what you need this way you can also select the letter that the jargon starts with and be taken to that section.

If there’s any jargon that you think we’ve missed, please email us at marketing@pfpenergy.co.uk

Document centre

Our document centre allows you to view all of our materials in one place. It has been created to give you easy access to information about our privacy policy, terms and conditions and other legal documentation that you may wish to familiarise yourself with.


If you can’t find the answer to your query in our FAQs, you can speak to one of our advisors through the Webchat feature. When you open the chat we will ask for your name, email and account number to ensure that we can help you as quickly as possible. You will then be put through to an advisor who will be able to help with any account issues or queries.

After the chat, you will be asked to complete a Post Chat Survey based on how satisfied you were with the agent. These surveys are important to us as they help to monitor and improve our customer service.

My Account section

The My Account section is a feature that is currently under construction and should be ready very soon.

Broker login

The broker login is a feature that is currently under construction and should be ready very soon.