Smart Meters

Smart Meter Benefits

Image for Eliminates manual reads

Eliminates manual reads

Smart Meters automatically send reads to us so you don't have to.

Image for An end to estimated bills

An end to estimated bills

As we automatically get your reads, you'll be sent accurate bills with no more estimates*
*Unless there's a problem when collecting the read

Image for Understand your usage

Understand your usage

You can pair a Smart Meter with an In-Home Display (IHD) which allows you to see exactly how much you're using in pounds and pence.

Image for Reduce your consumption

Reduce your consumption

As you can see exactly what you're using, the IHD helps you to see where equipment could be made more efficient.

Why are we installing Smart Meters?

We’re very excited about the launch of our Smart Meter programme and are taking the time to ensure everything is just right for our customers. These new meters and their accompanying In-Home Displays (IHD) give you an even clearer, immediate understanding about your energy consumption that in turn helps you to see if any equipment on site may need replacing with something more efficient.

All about Smart Meters...

Your Smart installation process

Starting your journey to smarter energy

Register your interest in having a smart meter installed with us here.

Smart Meter enquiry form
Metering agent talking to customer

Preparing for your Smart installation

Our service partner SMS PLC will contact you to arrange a suitable installation appointment. They will provide you with timely reminders in the lead up to your installation appointment.

What to expect on the day

You will receive a final reminder on the day of your installation appointment. Upon their arrival, the SMS PLC Engineer will be wearing a branded uniform and identification badge. Once the install is complete, the Engineer will guide you through your new In-Home Display and provide helpful energy-saving tips.

Installations typically take around 1 hour per meter to complete although some may take longer than this.

Metering agent installing meter
In home display screen

Making the most of your Smart Meter

Take advantage of smarter energy and use your In-Home Display to learn how to save money.

Information about IHDs

How do I get an IHD?

As a business customer you are entitled to a free Smart Meter installation which gives you the benefit of not having to regularly send your meter reads in. If you would like the added benefit of an IHD, which will show your usage in pounds and pence, there will be a fee. Please contact us for more information.