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Satisfaction guarantee

If you choose to leave you will not be charged exit fees (although we’re confident you won’t need it!).

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Renewable electricity

Why choose between saving your pocket and saving the planet? We have 100% renewable tariffs.

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Not for profit

We don’t pay our shareholders big dividends, instead every penny is invested back into our customers.

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  • If you are looking to switch your ‘Gas Only’ please contact us on: 01772 395 777

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  • Standard - This type of meter will only show one reading as it does not record differences between day and night time usage
    Economy 7 – This type of meter will show two readings as it records day and night time usage separately

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  • If you have a prepayment meter contact us on: 01772 395 777

  • Smart meters have a white face and digital display. They are usually able to automatically send your meter readings to your supplier

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