Due to the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) situation across the UK, we are asking customers to self-serve where possible. All general meter reads and payments can be carried out via our 24/7 automated payments lines. Further to this, we have web chat and e-mail channels available if you require more assistance. If your query is urgent and you need to contact us by phone please bear with us, our call centre staff are experiencing a high number of calls and are working to prioritise vulnerable customers. You can find more information here.

Introducing Eddie – your 24/7 helper

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Posted by PFP Energy

Who is Eddie?

Eddie is your 24/7 automated helper for all things energy, available on our website. He’s on hand to solve a range of queries and will even suggest options during the conversation to find the best answers for you. Need to know how to read your meter or want to submit a read? Eddie’s here to help with instant, efficient replies and is just a few clicks away at any time of day. If he can’t help with your query, he’ll be sure to pass you on to one of our agents within working hours.

How can Eddie help?

Eddie has been taught to deal with a whole range of account changes and queries, with everything ranging from meter read inputs to billing to changes in details. One of the great things about Eddie is that he’s always learning so the more queries he deals with, the more he can help in the future. He’s also happy to help with a huge variety of energy saving tips ranging from quick wins to long term changes.


Chat with Eddie

You can chat with Eddie by clicking the ‘Need Help?’ button at the bottom right corner of this page. He has a whole range of queries that he can help you with.