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Energy wasting tips

Energy Saving Tips
Posted by PFP Energy

Today is National Biodiesel Day and to celebrate, we’ve put together some energy saving tips with a twist. All these tips will tell you how to maximise your energy wastage, so you know what to avoid (or when to intervene)!

Leave appliances on at the wall

Leaving appliances such as kettles on at the wall when you are not using them is a great way to waste energy, so make sure you never flick that wall switch or unplug your devices. Take this to the next level by leaving appliances on when you’re on holiday.

Fill the kettle to the max

Every drop of water needs some energy to heat it up, so why not double or even triple the volume of water you need when you next put on the kettle? You’ll be wasting energy AND ramping up your energy bill. Great news!

Leave lights on at night

Just like with your appliances, it’s great to leave lights on at all times if you want to consume tonnes of energy. You’ll save yourself seconds worth of effort every day in flicking switches as well.

Ramp the heating up

Turning the heating up by just one degree can raise your heating bill by up to 10%, so what are you waiting for? Get to your thermostat pronto and show the cold who’s boss. It may reach tropical temperatures in the summer months, but surely it’s worth it to not have to grab an extra layer during the winter.

Block out natural light

Leaving your curtains drawn and your blinds down during the day will give you the opportunity to use as much synthetic lighting as possible and make your heating work harder. Again, you’ll be saving yourself moments of effort in turning lights on and off, giving you time to do a jig to celebrate all the extra energy you have wasted.

Always tumble dry

If you have a washing line and it’s a sunny day, use a tumble dryer instead of hanging your clothing out. You might just avoid getting caught in yet another endless conversation with your neighbour about “how important saving the planet is” and so on.

Dump the draught excluder

Stop tripping over those pesky draught excluders by removing them entirely. In the summer you’ll find you’ll need the breeze, what with the central heating turned up so high.

If these tips made you feel as uncomfortable as us, why not check out one of our energy-saving blogs for a more sane perspective, or give us a follow on social for lots of advice and giveaway opportunities.