Our partner – Lowri Beck

Posted by PFP Energy

Who are Lowri Beck?

Lowri Beck are a leading metering agent who work on our behalf to collect regular readings from you, our customers. Whilst taking your reading, they will complete a visual inspection of your meter(s) to ensure everything looks in order.

Why do we use Lowri Beck?

With customers nationwide, we can’t reach everyone ourselves. Lowri Beck enable us to gather readings from your meter(s), wherever you may live in the UK. These readings allow us to verify that your bills are accurate in accordance with your usage.

How to identify someone from Lowri Beck

To identify a Lowri Beck agent look for:

  • A branded uniform.
  • An ID badge on display.
  • The use of a vehicle with a magnetic Lowri Beck sign on the front doors.

Lowri Beck dog notice

Lowri Beck agents will do their best to read your meter(s) on site, without any inconvenience. If you own a dog, we politely ask that they are kept under control during Lowri Beck’s visit.