Smart meter myth busting

Posted by PFP Energy

I can’t switch suppliers if I have a smart meter

You can switch suppliers as you normally would. If you have an older SMETS1 meter, you may need to send your reads to a new supplier for a while but once they enroll the meter, it’ll work normally.

SMETS 2 meters will instantly work with your new supplier without losing any smart functionality.

My home doesn’t have signal for a smart meter

Although it’s true that older SMETS 1 use a SIM card to communicate, so may struggle in poor signal areas, SMETS 2 meters which are now commonly installed operate on a new smart data network. This will cover 99.25% of the UK by the end of the smart rollout.

I won’t be able to read my meter anymore

Smart meters come with an In-Home Display which shows your usage in both kWh and £s but you’re also able to still view reads on your smart meter, just like you would traditionally, if you want.

Smart meters give off radiation

Smart meters give off less radiation than your mobile phone and meet all UK and EU safety standards. If you’d like to know more about smart meter safety, you can read about the Government study here.

I have to pay for a smart meter

There is no cost when you have a smart meter and In-Home Display installed. The standing charge rate that you already pay with any energy tariff goes towards the maintenance of your meter and the grid.

I won’t save money with a smart meter

Smart meters themselves do not inherently save money but it’s been shown that, on average, households with smart meters reduce their energy consumption by around 2% resulting in an average saving of over £20 per year. Smart meters also mean no more estimated bills so any debit or credit balances are likely to be more accurate.

I have to have Wi-Fi for my smart meter to work

No, smart meters don’t use your home Wi-Fi networks. Older SMETS 1 meters use mobile signal to communicate with suppliers and the newer SMETS 2 meters use a seperate, bespoke wireless system which is solely for use by smart meters.