Smart Meters coming soon….

Industry News
Posted by PFP Energy

Smart meters are an exciting new opportunity for both the Energy consumer and the Energy Supplier. The government has set a target on all suppliers to install a smart meter in every household by 2020.

When will PFP Energy roll out smart meters?

At PFP Energy we are working hard to support Smart Meters and believe that it will add a lot of benefit to our customers.

We plan to be actively installing Smart Meters across the country throughout 2020 to reach the government’s deadline. With all our preparation coming to an end in 2019, we plan to be live by January 2020.

Now, we are welcoming interest of Smart Meters via our Smart Metering page. Any customer that would like to register for a Smart Meter can register their interest via this page and when we are ready, we will contact you about an installation.

You already have a smart meter?

If you already have a Smart Meter, you can still switch to PFP energy. We cannot automatically read another suppliers meter as these are what we call “SMETS 1” meters. These are first generation meters and PFP Energy do not have the functionality in place to support their readings. Instead, PFP Energy will contact you to request manual readings.

But don’t worry, we are working on this and in the next couple of months we will be able to support these meters as they will be enrolled into the Smart DCC!