Our prepayment tariff lets you pay for your gas and electricity before you use it.

If you are looking to stay in control of your energy use and stay within a budget then a prepayment meter may be for you. Our pay as you go option gives you complete control over how you operate your meter and aims to prevent you from overspending on your gas and electricity.

With a prepayment meter you credit a card or key with a sum of money which is then inserted into the meter and used on a pay as you go basis. You can add credit to your key or card by visiting your nearest PayPoint, Post Office or Payzone.

As long as you keep yourself in credit, you will always be in control of your energy costs.

Managing your meter

Topping up your meter regularly during the year can help you build up credit to cover the winter months when energy consumption is usually higher.

How it works

You control how much you spend by topping up your meter before you use it – just like a pay as you go mobile phone.

Any questions?

If you have a question about our prepayment meter then please see our Prepayment FAQs.

Did you know?

You will use a key to top up your electric meter and a card to top up your gas meter.