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Solar panels

Solar Photovoltaics (PV for short) are one of the most common approaches to harnessing renewable energy. It’s clear to see why as the systems are easy to install, maintain and don’t require a large amount of space. Thankfully for the UK, solar panels don’t need direct sunlight so can still produce energy when it’s cloudy. Alongside energy bill savings of between £95-£220 per year, you can sell any excess energy back to the grid which means you’ll always be benefiting from having your panels.

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Electric Vehicle chargers

Wondering if it’s worth getting an EV charge point at home? This is usually around half the price of charging publicly which could save you £££s over the year. Chargers are also much more efficient than plugging your car in to a socket and allow you to charge at times where you get cheaper energy rates. To learn more about the specifics of home charging and available grants please click here. Want to make money from your charger? Whether you have your own EV or not, you can rent out an EV charger to others as a way of making some extra income.

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Heat pumps

Heat pumps are a sustainable and renewable way to get heating and hot water without  burning fossil fuels. They’re increasingly being looked at as an alternative to traditional gas boilers. Don’t fret if it’s cold as they draw heat from the air at temperatures as low as -15°C. Heat pumps are an ideal solution for those who have an electric heating or older boiler system, especially if it’s run on LPG in which case you could save upwards of £1,000.

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Battery storage

If you’re producing renewable energy, a battery allows you to store any excess energy that you don’t use at the time. This can be used at a later date which will save you even more on your bills. Battery storage is an ideal solution, particularly for those with solar panel installations where energy is produced at a fairly constant rate.

Latest offers

Our range of renewable energy tech means there’ll always be something to suit your needs and budget. As an extra, each month we’ll have another money off deal to help you to do your bit for the planet.

How the process works

  1. Click the register interest button below which will direct you to the My Account login and form – To ensure we are able to tailor your solution we will auto populate your energy usage
  2. Fill out our quick enquiry form which will be forwarded to our renewable energy partners Cactus Energy – This form will allow them to gain a clearer understanding of your needs and find the most suitable solution
  3. Cactus Energy will get back in touch directly to advise about the best solutions for you – This will be a phone call which usually happens within 24 hours of filling out your form
  4. Decide which option(s) you’d like to go with – Once you’ve chosen an option, Cactus Energy will organise any planning/grid applications necessary and complete a structural survey to ensure that the project is suitable
  5. Choose an install date – Cactus Energy will work with you to find a suitable install date then all you need to do is sit back and relax
PFP Energy in partnership with Cactus

To ensure that the best solution and expertise is provided for your needs, we’ve partnered up with Cactus Energy who have a wealth of knowledge about the renewable energy solutions and grants available.

What if I’m not a PFP customer?

Unfortunately, if you’re not a current customer we will not be able to provide a quote as we need an accurate measure of your yearly energy usage. If you’re looking to switch your energy supplier we’ve got a range of great value tariffs available so why not get a quick quote?