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In-Home Display

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Smart meter Benefits

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Automatic reads

Your Smart Meter will send reads to us automatically!

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No more estimated bills

Up-to-date reads means an end to estimated billing!

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Accurate usage figures

See how much you're using at any moment!

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Reduce your consumption

Your Smart Meter can help you to see which devices are using the most energy, helping you to save money.

Installing your Smart Meter

Why are we installing Smart Meters?

We’re very excited about the launch of our Smart Meter programme and are taking the time to ensure everything is just right for our customers. These new meters and their accompanying In-Home Displays (IHDs) give you an even clearer, immediate understanding about your energy consumption that in turn helps you to understand which behaviours may be costing you the most. Alongside saving on your bills, reducing your usage will have a positive effect on your carbon footprint so you’ll do a bit to help the planet too.

Your installation – what to expect

We want to make sure you’re fully informed about what to expect when it’s time to have your Smart Meter installed. To make sure you’re happy with the process we’ve created a step by step guide about the process. You can find out what to expect by clicking below.

Further Information

Smart Prepayment

If you currently have a Prepayment meter don’t worry, we’re also working on launching our Smart Prepayment solution to ensure everyone has the option to join the Smart revolution. Your Smart Prepayment meter will be useful to see the exact cost of the energy you’re using in real-time. You’ll even be able to top up remotely, making it even easier to manage your energy.

Feedback on your install

We’re always looking for ways to improve our service so if you have some feedback on a recent install please get in touch.

Register for a Smart Meter

Smart Meters are a great way to take control of your energy and truly understand your usage.

All about Smart Meters...

PFP Energy follow the Smart Metering Installation Code of Practice (SMICoP). If you would like to know more about the SMICoP you can read it by clicking here.