Smart Meters

By 2020 all of our customers will be able to have their meter upgraded to a smart meter. We are actively working with various industry partners to improve on the energy efficiency in Great Britain and are excited to offer a Smart Metering solution to all our customers.

All about Smart Meters...

Smart Meters are quickly taking over all traditional meters. With their supporting In Home Displays (IHD’s), customers are able to track their energy spend more closely and keep on track on what it is costing them to run! Smart Meters will allow you to see your energy use in pounds and pence and allow you to make improvements on your energy spend.

We will receive regular meter reads from your meter, which will remove the need for any estimations and result in accurate bills! As soon as we are ready to install Smart Meters, a member of our Metering team will be in touch with you to discuss everything they can about Smart Meters.

Need help with your Smart Meter IHD

Smart Meters introduce great new technology that makes managing your energy so much easier. You can fill out the form below to register your interest in a Smart Meter. It’s important to us that you get set up in the right way and can understand how to get the most out of the In-Home Display that comes with your meter. We’ve put together a guide to help you get set up, simply click here to view it.

Energy smart meter on a desk with a PFP mug in the background

Got a question about Smart Meters?

If you are interested in getting a Smart Meter installed in your home, fill in the below form and we will register your interest for when they become available. Rest assured, we are working as hard as we can to be ready for you!

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